Amazing Video of SawStop Technology

In March, I blogged about this $1.5 million jury verdict against saw manufacturer Ryobi for failing to equip its table saws with some form of flesh detection technology, such as that offered in SawStop-brand saws. This video illustrates the SawStop technology that’s been wowing contractors and other tradesmen over the last decade or so:

For more about SawStop, and the power saw industry’s refusal to license the patented technology for its own power saws, check out the stories here, here, and here.
To date, SawStop technology is credited with hundreds of “finger saves” – instances where the technology saved table saw operators from losing fingers.
PS – If you’re wondering how SawStop works, it relies on electrical conductivity. It’s the same principle that you see at work in those old “touch lamps” that would turn off and on whenever your hand came in contact with their base.

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