Blawgosphere Roundup

Here it is: this week’s best of the blawgosphere (or at least the best of what I read):

  • Eric Turkewitz strips away the hysteria and explains just how and why a four-year old can be sued for negligence in his latest post here.
  • Over at Huffington Post, Joanne Doroshow explains the cyclical fluctations in insurance premiums and how premium increases are not really driven by lawsuit costs.
  • Over at Concurring Opinions, Miriam Cherry points to some evidence suggesting that cell phone carriers are turning over cell phone records to auto insurance companies investigating crashes. (Perhaps the customer service rep Cherry spoke with simply meant that cell phone companies are producing these records if subpoenaed?).
  • He’s not a legal blogger, but I could resist tossing in this week’s quote from Boston Red Sox owner John Henry: “Medicine is not a precise science. If it were, you would never hear the phrase ‘second opinion.'” Henry evidently gets medicine, and medical malpractice lawsuits, a lot better than the people like Peter Orzag .