Boston Personal Injury News Roundup

  • You may recall last April’s recall of Simplicity cribs, which we previously blogged about. Now, in the form of a Boston Herald story, comes news that the death of a Massachusetts infant from Attleboro was a “key factor” that prompted the Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall full-sized Simplicity cribs because of the risks they posed of suffocation and strangulation.
    CPSC spokesman Scott Wolfson said, “In the full history of Simplicity cribs and bassinets, there were more than a dozen deaths, including the tragic case in North Attleboro. Simplicity cribs are one of the deadliest products that we’ve dealt with in recent years.”
  • Five Massachusetts auto insurance companies are now offering optional pet injury coverage that will pay veterinarian’s bills for your pets if they are injured in a car crash.
  • If you went to Fenway Park at all last year, they were a familiar sight: scantily clad young women in bright-colored wigs who were attempting to sign up Red Sox fans for a bone marrow registry. Now comes news that UMass Medical Center was behind the program and was spending $50,000 a week on the models. For every volunteer who signed up, UMass Medical Center would bill insurance companies for $4,300, when others in the industry perform the same test for approximately $100. See the WHDH-TV and Boston Herald stories here and here.