Lawyers Have Made Cars So Safe That There Are Now More Suicide Deaths Than Car Accident Deaths

1978_ford_pinto_cover_001.jpgNHTSA just announced the number of US traffic deaths for 2010 and it was staggeringly low – 32,788. There are fewer traffic deaths now than there were in 1949, despite the fact that we drive a lot more. In fact, we drove 28.5 billion more miles in 2010 than we did in 2009, when deaths numbered more than a thousand more.
According to Freakonomics co-author Steven Dubner, there are now more suicides than traffic deaths in America.
The declining number of car wreck deaths is a testament to the power of safety engineering, but, as American Association for Justice president Gibson Vance explains in this Washington Post editorial, it’s also a tribute to trial lawyers, who have been forcing safety measures on auto manufacturers since the days of the Ford Pinto.

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