The FDA Has No Regulations About Acceptable Bacterial Levels In Bagged Salads: Sign Petition To Get Them

Umm, is it 1906 again? Do we need another Pure Food and Drug Act?
Last month, Consumer Reports ran an article entitled Bagged Salad: How Clean?, revealing that some bagged salads contain disturbingly high levels of bacteria and highlighting that there are no FDA regulations about acceptable bacterial levels in leafy greens.
Now the FDA has opened a special docket, where you can register your vote supporting food standards for leafy greens and urging “zero tolerance” for bacteria like E. Coli O157:H7, salmonella and listeria, a standard that already exists for other food products.

FDA Issues Warning To Kellogg Over Listeria Bacteria At Eggo Plant

The consumer protection blog, WalletPop, reports on the Food and Drug Administration’s warning to an Eggo waffle plant about listeria bacteria contamination.
This is not the first problem that Eggo has had with listeria. Last summer, Eggo had to recall buttermilk waffles that were manufactured at the same plant because of fears of listeria contamination.
Consuming food contaminated with listeria bacteria can lead to serious illness or even death. One University of Florida study estimates that the mortality rate of those infected with listeria is about twenty-five percent.

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