Houston Chronicle Editorial Urges Senate to Pass the Fair Pay Restoration Act

The Houston Chronicle ran an Editorial entitled, Pay Stub, which urges the Senate to pass the Fair Pay Restoration Act to ensure equal pay across genders. We wrote about the Act in a post on January 30, 2008 entitled, Two Important Congressional Bills: The Fair Pay Restoration Act & The Civil Rights Act of 2008.

The Act would essentially nullify the Supreme Court’s ruling in Lilly Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., which sets a strict deadline for filing actions based on equal pay. Under the Supreme Court’s ruling, the statute of limitations in such actions starts to run when an employee first begins to receive unequal pay, even if the employee is completely unaware of the employer’s discriminatory pay practice. As the Editorial points out, the ruling panders to the corporate interest:

[I]t’s a disaster for employees. The reality of the work environment, as almost any employee knows, is that it is difficult to know how much money any individual worker makes. In fact, companies typically discourage employees from discussing pay issues in the workplace at all. Anyone receiving discriminatory wages will be highly unlikely to find out in a timely manner.

To read more about the Ledbetter decision, please visit our January 31, 2008 post entitled, Supreme Court Routs Title VII in 2007: Goodyear Wins Right to Discriminate Based on Gender.