First Denture Cream Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in Florida, alleging that a sixty-four year old man died from zinc poisoning resulting from his use, over fourteen years, of the denture cream Poligrip. This is widely believed to be the first such wrongful death lawsuit filed in the United States, although scientific research about the hazards of denture cream has been accumulating for several years and other lawsuits have been filed that have alleged non-fatal instances of zinc poisoning from denture creams.
In 2008, the scientific journal Neurology published a case study of four people suffering from zinc poisoning that was traced to their use of denture creams that contained zinc. Since that time, several lawsuits have been filed on behalf of denture cream users who suffered neuropathy (pain in their extremities) and other neurological disorders caused by zinc overdose.
The wrongful death lawsuit that has just been filed alleges that, over a fourteen month period, the denture user’s zinc poisoning caused a decline in health that led to paralysis and, ultimately, death. We will keep you updated on future developments in denture cream litigation and the underlying scientific research.

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