More Than Two Million Drop-Side Cribs Recalled

In cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, seven crib manufacturers announced today that they are recalling more than two million drop-side cribs. A drop-side crib is simply a crib in which one side of the crib raises and lowers in an up-and-down fashion, making it easier to place an infant in the crib or remove her from it. Drop-side cribs pose a risk of entrapment and suffocation to infants who may fall into gaps between the crib’s bedding area and other parts of the crib or have their necks stuck between the crib’s slats.
The dangers associated with drop-side cribs are especially pronounced when bolts and other hardware become loosened over time. Loose hardware in drop-side cribs gives even more play to the cribs’ moving parts, providing more space in which a baby may be entrapped. This public service video produced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission illustrates how a baby may become trapped or suffocate in a drop-side crib. It also illustrates the dangers posed by loose hardware:

Today’s recall brings the total of drop-side cribs recalled in the past five years to over nine million. ASTM International, which sets manufacturing standards for cribs, has proposed the elimination of drop-side cribs. Major retailers such as Walmart and Toys R US no longer stock drop-side cribs.

The manufacturers involved in today’s recall are:

  • Child Craft
  • Delta Enterprise Corp.: Delta is recalling 747,000 drop-side cribs sold under the brand name Delta. The cribs have been implicated in five entrapments and one fall.
  • Evenflo: Evenflo is recalling 750,000 drop-side cribs sold under the brand name Jenny Lind. The Jenny Lind drop-side cribs have been implicated in three entrapments and nine falls.
  • Jardine Enterprises: Jardine Enterprises is recalling approximately 130,000 drop-side cribs sold under the name “Jardine.” The cribs have been implicated in ten infant entrapments.
  • LaJobi: LaJobi is recalling 306,000 drop-side cribs sold under the brand names “Bonavita,” “Babi Italia,” and “ISSI.” The cribs have been implicated in one fall.
  • Million Dollar Baby: is recalling approximately 156,000 drop-side cribs sold under a wide variety of brand names. The cribs have been implicated in eight entrapments and three falls.
  • Simmons Juvenile Products, Inc.: recalling approximately 50,000 Simmons drop-side cribs. The Simmons cribs have been implicated in two entrapments and two falls.

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