Insurance That Pays For Your Traffic Tickets?

traffic ticket.JPGIn one of his “Markets in Everything” blog posts, Tyler Cowen introduces us to the (perhaps apocryphal) “Ticket Free” insurance – an insurance policy that drivers can obtain in addition to their primary liability policy that will pay for any tickets they get and the insurance surcharges associated with these tickets.
Ticket Free offers three different policies. The “Mini” exclusively pays for speeding tickets.The “Classic” covers other moving violations, such as illegal u-turns and running red lights and the “Enthusiast” covers everything from excessive window tint to having an excessively loud car stereo.
Although the fact that Ticket Free’s website no longer seems to be operational and it apparently never was registered with the California insurance commissioner suggests that it was pretty fly-by-night, this sort of insurance policy apparently is available in some Scandanavian countries, if blogging commenters are to be believed.
Needless to say, this sort of “ticket insurance” would be a bad idea for American roadways. As the comments to this blog post by law professor David Bernstein (himself recently ticketed) suggest, there are myriad ways that reckless drivers can get out of tickets – even citations issued on the basis of that gold standard of speed detection “lidar.”
The underenforcement of our traffic safety laws causes more numerous and more serious car accidents to occur. Let’s hope that just forcing traffic scofflaws to take time out of their day to show up to traffic court has some deterrent effect on them.

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