Eye-Opening Boston Herald Investigative Expose On Massachusetts Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Today’s Boston Herald features a great set of investigative articles by reporter Jessica Fargen that detail the problem of nursing home abuse and neglect in Massachusetts.
In recent inspections, nearly forty percent of Massachusetts nursing homes were judged substandard under federal regulations. With 45,000 Massachusetts seniors living in nursing homes and that number growing, the seriousness of this problem to our legislators should be obvious.
One of the Herald stories singles out eight of the worst Massachusetts nursing homes. According to the Herald they are:

  • Glenwood Care and Rehabilitation Center (Lowell)
  • Everett Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (Everett)
  • Glen Ridge Nursing Care Center (Medford)
  • Hunt Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (Danvers)
  • SE Massachusetts Health and Rehabilitation Center (New Bedford)
  • Eastpointe Nursing Care Center (Chelsea)
  • Eliot Healthcare Center (Natick)
  • Peabody Glen Health Care Center (Peabody)

The abuse and neglect detailed by the Herald story is shocking. Nursing home residents not receiving CPR when unresponsive. Nursing home residents who are the victims of physical, sexual and verbal abuse by staff. Nursing home residents slipping and falling in puddles of their own urine. Untreated bed sores, pneumonia and urinary tract infections.
If you have a family member in a nursing home, there are some great resources out there to help you investigate the quality of care at the nursing home where your family member is cared for. The Herald story mentions the mass.gov wesbite, but you can also use the Department of Health and Human Services’ OSCAR database. Or contact the Massachusetts Advocates For Nursing Home Reform.

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